Owl – Parent Bead


Owls are incredibly perceptive and have the ability to navigate even through the darkest of night. The owl is a symbol of inner knowing and draws wisdom from their soul- both spiritual and intellectual.

The owl has acute hearing and exceptional vision. They hear and see what is normally hidden. The owl challenges you to open your eyes and ears, teaches you to listen to the inner voice inside of you, and to trust your instincts.

The owl takes you beyond your thoughts and fears. Owls see into the future and know that even in the darkest moments there is a new dawn approaching.

The owl is here to remind us that even though the NICU journey can be long and hard, filled with many moments of darkness; that there is light. Pay close attention and use your intuition. We are all visionaries and what we see in our soul will helps us learn, grow, and develop the inner wisdom and foresight to make it through it all.


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