Panda: Therapy and Developmental Care Bead


The Panda symbolizes therapy in the NICU- Physical, occupational,  speech, feeding therapies, as well as developmental care.

The Panda Bear teaches us will power and the ability to connect the seen and the unseen and shows us the importance of a slow, determined pace. Pandas have a willingness to learn, insight and clarity of vision. They set their mind on a goal and go for it! Pandas are cute and cuddly in appearance yet they are very strong. This teaches us to keep this in mind when making judgments based on first appearances. Never judge a book by its cover!

The contrasting coloring of black and white of a Panda’s fur is representative of the importance of balance. The black “mask” around the eyes represents their ability to disguise and transform themselves when the need arises. The magic of the panda is in its mask. Masks are a powerful tool of transformation. You can achieve altered states by ‘wearing your mask’; working hard to achieve those things you thought you couldn’t therefore transforming yourself and achieving your goals. They help us to change what we are into what we want to be.

The Panda Bear symbolizes dexterity. The panda bear uses it’s thumbs to grasp onto food and to move smoothly through their environment. Pandas are interested in exploration- finding new ways to adapt. The thumbs also represent will power- the ability to will into manifestation any desire.

We know that “what we resist persists.” The panda may require a lot of encouragement and soul nourishment to really reach their fullest potential and realize just how unique and special they truly are, which teaches us that focus is the key to overcoming all endeavors.

It takes a lot of will power, determination and exploration to achieve the goals and expectations in the NICU. Often times requiring the use of many “masks” to achieve the tasks.  Always working hard to transform goals into reality and finding new ways to adapt- Making the Panda Bear the perfect symbol for therapy in the NICU.

 ~You must never limit your challenges…instead you must challenge your limits~

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