Respiratory Support (RDS) / Oxygen Bead


Respiratory distress affects as many as 43% of premature babies born between 30 and 32 weeks, and almost all babies born before this gestation. Full-term babies make surfactant, a soapy like substance that helps keep the lungs inflated. Without enough surfactant, premature babies’ lungs don’t inflate well. Preemies may need artificial surfactant, or may need help breathing while their lungs mature.

Respiratory distress doesn’t just affect premature babies though. Term babies can also present with RDS or may have specific medical needs that will require breathing assistance or oxygen support while in the NICU.

The bead design represents the air exchange within the lungs with the light blue circles representing aveoli that are expanded as the air moves in. This bead represents respiratory support needs while in the NICU.

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