Roots Up Bead


Each bead comes with a 4″x4″ (10cmx10cm) collector card in a white organza bag.

Long and lean is the very best way to grow
very low birth weight premature infants

Just like the budding flower, with its stem growing taller and fragile new petals blooming brightly from the natural rich nutrient soil below, the smallest preemies also need the right nutrients from human milk to support their growth, from their “roots up.”

Appropriate growth is more than gaining mass and weight. In fact, advancement in length and head circumference is a more complete indicator of healthy growth than simply weight gain. Lean body mass is associated with improved long-term outcomes, including a lower risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.

During Prematurity Awareness Month, please remember that for those most fragile preemies under 1,250 grams, appropriate growth can be achieved best with an exclusive human milk diet consisting of mom’s milk and/or pasteurized donor milk, plus a human milk-based fortifier.

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