The Bee: IV and Lab Work Bead


The bee represents success and is a symbol of accomplishing the impossible. Aerodynamically- the body of a bee is too large for its wings and should not be able to fly. The bee’s wings need to work extra hard in order to accomplish this amazing feat. The bee teaches us that we can accomplish what seems impossible by having dedication, enduring the pain along the way and working hard, and gaining strength to get there.

The bee works hard to pursue its dreams with incredible focus as it fertilizes its aspirations. The bee teaches us with endurance we can accomplish anything. The journey, although long and hard sometimes, will bring you a new sense of strength and the wisdom to know that you will make it.

The bee bead symbolizes all the painful and unpleasant procedures that are endured in the NICU. (IV sticks, central lines; PICC line, UVC, UAC, blood draws etc.)

~Even in lives full of sickness or pain, frustration or fear, life will go on- right in front of our noses. We carry wild joy, power, and strength from our hardships and messages from devas of the flowers we sip…Look for it! Find the joy in even the hardships as they are what make you what you are today~

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