The Butterfly: NICU Graduation Bead


The butterfly is a symbol of grace and eloquence, and it represents the transition into the world.

The butterfly fearlessly leaves the safety of its cocoon to meet a new world in a new form, trusting its untried wings to allow it to fly. The butterfly is the perfect symbol of NICU graduation as the preemie makes their way into the world with faith and guidance; emerging strong and ready to fly as brilliantly as the butterfly.

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The Peekaboo ICU Journey Beads collection was created as a way to acknowledge the journey and the emotional aspect of parenting a preemie.
It is a way to commemorate the baby’s time spent in the NICU, to recognize the emotions, remember the milestones, and reflect on the trials and triumphs that make their story their very own.

The Caterpillar bead is your NICU Admission bead and the first bead in your collection. The caterpillar spends most of its existence struggling to survive. Restrained by its very slow and steady movement, it cannot travel very far.  Its sole purpose is to nourish itself in order to grow and transform.

These changes may not be easy to see on the surface, but after a long hard journey, the caterpillar is transformed. Starting out as a tiny fragile speck of an egg, the once itty-bitty little worm will emerge from the cocoon as a strong and beautiful butterfly. 

Each bead in our entire collection comes with its own unique collector card.


Peek-boo ICU Baby was created to provide support to parents as they face the emotional journey of the NICU– Empowering parents with knowledge, offering support, and encouragement along the way.

We have supported parents all across the globe from the bedside to home. We have been featured on the TODAY SHOW, and continue to help parents document their Journey.  Learn more.


A Week-by-Week Developmental Guide based on Gestational Age. This 64-page booklet is a developmental care guideline based on gestational age (Micro-preemie 23 weeks through 36 weeks gestation and beyond.) Written from the baby’s perspective.

This booklet helps to empower parents with information that will not only help them understand their baby’s development while in the NICU, but also help them learn what they can do so their baby will thrive beyond the NICU days.

This information is based on development and best practice for optimal development (developmental care) in the NICU. It focuses on developmental milestones and memories and not medical milestones or conditions.

Bulk Hospital pricing is available as well. BUY NOW!








The NICU Journey Bead Program is a Hospital based family support program that serves as a connection between parents, their baby, and their healthcare team. It’s the ONLY NICU specific bead program and the first of its kind where the focus is on the celebration of milestones, growth progression, and the parent experience.

This program offers encouragement and inspiration while celebrating and documenting each new step. It’s a way to recognize the emotions, remember the milestones, and reflect upon the trials and triumphs that make up a NICU journey. Learn more.

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