Preemie Developmental Booklet – Week-by-Week Guide for Parents V2


*Second edition 2017 -Softcover spiral bound.
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A Week-by-Week Developmental Guide based on Gestational Age

This 64-page booklet is a developmental care guideline based on gestational age (Micro-preemie 23 weeks through 36 weeks gestation and beyond.) Written from the baby’s perspective.

All too often the medical aspects of the NICU journey over shine some of the developmental aspects. Healthcare professional often gets caught up in numbers, statistics, volumes, growth charts, medications, conditions, and procedures, and can sometimes overlook some of the emotional and developmental things that are just as important.

The booklet, “I’m a Preemie” takes the focus off of the medical milestones and puts it into the celebration of the baby, their growth, and parenting in the NICU.

It helps to empower parents with information that will not only help them understand their preemie but also help them learn what they can do so their baby will thrive beyond the NICU days.

This information is based on development and best practice for optimal development (developmental care) in the NICU. It focuses on developmental milestones and memories and not medical milestones or conditions.

For example:
What the skin of a 24-week baby may look like.
What the body language of a 28 weeker may mean.
How much sleep a baby at 32 weeks needs.
What a 34 weeker can see, hear, feel.

Also included in the booklet is helpful information to help guide parents. What a parent can do to not only feel more comfortable on the journey but to be involved in the everyday aspects and care of their baby.

This booklet is not only a bedside teaching tool but a special keepsake storybook for parents to take home while documenting important milestones throughout the NICU journey.

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